Is the noise of the scooter related to the spark plug?

When the scooter is refueling, the sound is loud and the spark plug is not necessarily related. Because the igniting plug is an important part of the engine, it is only responsible for the ignition and the noise generated by the engine.

However, when the spark race is broken or the ignition performance is degraded, the engine noise will be increased, and even the knocking phenomenon will occur. Therefore, there is a little connection between the spark plug and the noise of the engine. It's just that this connection will only happen under certain circumstances.

Since the noise of the scooter engine is not directly related to the cremation fee, where does the noise come from? The sound of the pedal motor is mainly related to the following reasons.

1. Air filter, if the air filter's tightness is lowered, the noise of the scooter will increase, mainly because the air flow resistance is reduced, so there will be more obvious noise.

2. Exhaust system, the exhaust system of the motorcycle is relatively simple, but its sealing and sound-absorbing ability is deteriorated, and the noise of the scooter is also increased.

3. Part clearance, excessive valve clearance, loose timing chain, piston ring, excessive wear of the cylinder will cause engine noise to become larger.

Through the above introduction, it can be seen that the noise of the scooter engine becomes large, which is directly related to the above three reasons, and has no direct relationship with the spark plug. However, under certain circumstances, the noise of the engine becomes large, which is indirectly related to the spark plug. However, this relationship is minimal, so if the engine noise becomes larger, you should mainly troubleshoot from the above three reasons.