Do you understand the working principle of spark plugs?

Nowadays, many people have cars. For cars, they only stay at the stage where they will open. If you talk about car maintenance and car repair, you still have to go to the 4S shop to handle it, but you can't go to the 4S shop with any problems, just like normal. If you have a small problem, some of them can be solved by yourself. To go to the 4S store, you have to spend a lot of money, so you can know the common sense of car repair and you can still have a lot of money left. Usually, according to the situation of your car, it can also reflect a lot of problems. Only the right medicine can prevent problems before they happen. Do you understand the working principle of spark plugs? In these three situations, it is best to check the spark plug.

As one of the most frequently used auto parts, the car spark plug has a great relationship with the start of the car. Many car owners know the role of the spark plug, which is to start the car with a fire. Many car owners think that the spark plug is only activated when it is started. In fact, everyone is wrong. The spark plug is always working when the car is driving. When the speed is faster, the spark plug works more frequently. Generally speaking, a few cylinders have a few spark plugs. When the cylinder is working once, the spark plug will fire once.

Therefore, the spark plug of the car has a great connection with the power of the car. As a component that is used more frequently, the life of the spark plug is limited, and the service life of different spark plugs is also very different. Let's take a look. In the case of a car, you need to replace the spark plug in time.

1. Slow acceleration. Some cars are very powerful when they are bought back, but after a period of use, there will be slow acceleration. At this time, many owners are not taking it seriously. I feel that the car should be like this. You will find that the fuel consumption of the car has increased for a long time. The power is not as good as before, which is why many owners of domestic cars feel that the new car is getting worse after a few years of buying, because like a car with tens of thousands of dollars, as long as there is no fire, it is very There are few people who change the spark plugs. On the contrary, the owners of luxury cars often do maintenance, clearing carbon and changing spark plugs, so the luxury car is still ample enough to buy it for a few years.

2. Turn off the fire. Except for the misfire caused by improper operation, if the flame is suddenly turned off during normal use, then the spark plug should be considered. As mentioned above, many people think that the spark plug only works when it is started. In fact, the spark plug works once every time the cylinder works, and Each cylinder is equipped with several spark plugs. When driving, the spark plug of any cylinder may stop working, so it is considered to first check the spark plug.

3. Startup difficulties. At this time, it is necessary to replace the spark plug. Due to the long-term use, the spark plug will produce a lot of impurities, common carbon deposits, etc., and different spark plugs have different life spans. When the car starts difficult, it will inevitably affect the car. Efficiency, so timely solution is the right way, otherwise forced start, it will cause damage to the engine.