Why replacing EET Iridium spark plug is better?

The role of the EET spark plug is to introduce a high voltage current, excite the spark, and then ignite the fuel in the cylinder. Because it has to withstand high-voltage current, it has to undergo numerous times of ignition, so the spark plug is small, but the material requirements are very strict. EET platinum spark plug also will be your choice.

Ordinary EET iridium spark plug, the electrodes are made of nickel alloy, and the service life is about 20,000 kilometers. There are many spark plugs made of more advanced materials, such as spark plugs in iridium and platinum. Due to the material, these spark plugs have a higher melting point, longer durability and are more sensitive. The service life of spark plugs in sheet metal and platinum can reach 60,000 kilometers. If the owner is used to good care of the vehicle, he can even replace it with 80,000 kilometers, which greatly extends the replacement cycle.

As for saying that changing to a good EET spark plug can save fuel and enhance power, this does not seem to have much effect. After all, the main role of the spark plug is ignition, which has little to do with fuel consumption and power boost. In addition, pay attention to the heating value when replacing the spark plug. It is necessary to choose the heating value to match the vehicle. It is not the more expensive, the higher the higher the better, the spark plug with the unmatched heating value can not only improve the ignition performance, but also because of the ignition timing. Not affecting the vehicle's dynamic performance increases carbon deposits, thereby harming the vehicle.

In short, the replacement of a better spark plug, the main role played is to extend the replacement cycle and improve the response speed. Because the condition of the vehicle has a lot to do with the driver's usage habits and the frequency of use, even if there is no replacement mileage specified by the spark plug, if the vehicle has difficulty in ignition and jitter during ignition, it is necessary to check whether the spark plug is used. Carbon deposits or losses are severely needed to be replaced.