When EET spark plug will be replaced?

Each car has a spark plug as a small part. Although it is not replaced as often as an oil filter, it also has a certain service life. Many small partners don't know how the spark plug affects the performance of the engine, nor how long it takes for the small spark plug to change.

What exactly does the spark plug do?

What exactly does the spark plug do? In fact, the spark plug is an ignition device. The engine needs to be ignited after the compressed fuel explosion burns. The spark plug is one of the igniters.

How EET spark plug work

I believe that everyone's kitchen has a gas stove. In fact, the spark plug is like the ignition on our kitchen stove. However, the ignition of the engine is more precise. The area, shape and calorific value of the spark determine the rate of combustion and have a certain impact on fuel savings and power output. So how does the spark plug work? In short words, the spark plug generates a high voltage between the two poles, generates an electric current, and then discharges to generate a spark.

How long should the EET spark plug be?

Due to the different materials of the spark plug, the types of spark plugs can be divided into ordinary copper core, sheet metal, platinum, rhodium, platinum-iridium alloy spark plugs and the like. The service life of these types of spark plugs is different, and the corresponding replacement mileage is also different. It should be clearly distinguished when selecting.

Platinum spark plug changed from 30,000 km to 50,000 km

The spark plug has two electrodes. Platinum spark plugs use platinum as the center electrode. This name is determined by this. It is characterized by long service life and good durability, which basically changes from 30,000 km to 50,000 km.

Double platinum for 80,000 km or so

If it is double platinum, it is the center electrode and the side electrode. It has platinum. Better is a platinum spark plug.

I just said platinum and double platinum. You don't have to worry about the specific technology. In any case, ordinary platinum is exchanged for 30,000 to 50,000 kilometers, and double platinum is exchanged for 80,000 kilometers.

EET iridium spark plugs use 100,000 kilometers.

Then the spark plug is better, basically using 100,000 kilometers is not a big problem.

How to determine if you need to replace the spark plug?

1, see if the engine can start normally

Look at whether the cold car starts smoothly, whether there is obvious "frustration" and whether it can be ignited normally.

2, look at the engine shake

Let the car idling. If the engine runs smoothly, the spark plug can work normally. If the engine is found to have intermittent or continuous vibration and an abnormal "sudden" sound, the spark plug may be problematic and the spark plug needs to be replaced.

3, check the spark plug electrode gap

When you remove the spark plug, you will find a discharge electrode in the spark plug, and the electrode will usually be consumed. If the gap is too large, it will cause an abnormal discharge process (the normal clearance of the spark plug is 1.0 - 1.2 mm), which will cause engine fatigue. At this point, it needs to be replaced.

4. Observe the color.

(1) If it is reddish brown or rusted, the spark plug is normal.

(2) If it is oily, it means that the spark plug gap is unbalanced or the oil supply is too much, and the high voltage line is short-circuited or open circuit.

(3) If it is smoked black, it indicates that the spark plug is hot or cold or the mixture is too rich, and the engine oil is rising.

(4) If there is deposit between the tip and the electrode, and the deposit is oily, it is proved that the oil in the cylinder is independent of the spark plug. If the deposit is black, the spark plug will deposit carbon and bypass it. The deposit is gray because the additive covering the electrode in the gasoline does not cause a fire.

(5) If the spark plug is severely ablated, there will be scratches, black lines, cracks, and electrode melting on the top of the spark plug. This indicates that the spark plug has been damaged and must be replaced immediately.

The spark plug does affect the power of the vehicle, but this does not mean that the higher the price, the better the performance of the vehicle. A good spark plug contributes to the dynamic performance of the car, but one cannot expect this much help. The spark plug's help with dynamic performance also depends on the engine itself. If the engine performance does not reach a certain "level", installing a more advanced spark plug will not greatly improve the dynamic performance. So don't blindly pursue high-priced spark plugs.

What factors will shorten the life of the spark plug?

1. The quality of gasoline is not good. You often go to some private and substandard small gas stations to refuel, resulting in poor burning. This is the most harmful.

2. Vehicles work under heavy load for a long time, often crowded with people, even overloaded, often pulling heavy objects and used as trucks in commerce.

3. Frequent violent driving and frequent use of floor oil.

4. Vehicles often travel on bad roads, such as construction sites, mountain roads, and muddy roads. All of these factors can lead to a shortened spark plug life and an earlier replacement cycle. If the car is running at high speed or in good condition, the replacement cycle may be delayed a bit.

Why use the same type of spark plug?

Since the spark plug is determined according to the ignition interval, length, etc., the ignition of the spark plug directly affects the power. First, it should be ensured that the ignition abilities of the four spark plugs are the same. If the old and the new are different, the engine's output power will be inconsistent and unbalanced, causing engine vibration and other phenomena.