How EET spark plug play such important role in a car?

When will the spark plug be replaced? This problem is a question that everyone often asks when car maintenance is done on a daily basis. Many people will drive a car, but they don't know the car. What's more, I don't know where the spark plug is, what to do, let alone when to replace the spark plug. To know when to replace a spark plug, it is necessary to understand the structure and classification of the spark plug. So what happened to the car, indicating that the spark plug should be replaced? EET have all range of the models spark plugs.

Spark plug structure

Classification of spark plugs

At present, there are several types of EET spark plugs on the market: nickel alloy, silver alloy, sheet metal, platinum, sheet metal, and ruthenium platinum. Different materials have different life and replacement cycles. Generally, the life of a nickel alloy spark plug is 20,000 km; the life of a platinum spark plug is 40,000 km; and the life of a sheet metal spark plug can reach 60 to 80,000 km. Of course, these data can only be regarded as an estimate. The life of the spark plug has a certain relationship with the working condition of the automobile engine and the driving habit of the driver.

What are the symptoms that need to be replaced?

1. It is not smooth when accelerating

When you are driving, if you find that the acceleration is weak, or when you accelerate it, the car accelerates without line sex, which is probably caused by the performance of the spark plug. Since the electrode gap of the spark plug is too large, the ability to ignite is unstable or cannot be ignited at all, causing the vehicle to accelerate or become frustrated. In this case, the spark plug is replaced.

2, the car fuel consumption increased

If you find that your car is getting more and more fuel-efficient, there is no smooth feeling that you used to drive, and it is always accelerating. It feels that the car has no strength, and it is difficult to go up when going uphill. Can consider whether the spark plug should be replaced.

3, the car is difficult to start

The car is quite hard to start, and of course it may be caused by other problems, but it is very likely that the spark plug has failed. If the gap of the spark plug electrode becomes larger, its ignition energy will become weaker, and the mixture gas will not be ignited in time, so it will be difficult to start the car, so it is necessary to check the spark plug at this time.

4, engine idle jitter

The engine is running at an idle speed. When we are sitting in the car and holding the steering wheel, we can feel the vibration of the engine, just like “哆嗦”. When the engine speed is increased, the jitter phenomenon disappears, and the accelerator acceleration is no longer jittery. Such an idle jitter phenomenon indicates that the performance of the spark plug has begun to decline, but it has not yet fully striked. It can be considered whether the flower plug has reached the replacement cycle, and timely replacement to avoid problems in the future.

After using the car for a period of time, the performance of the spark plug will be significantly reduced, especially the inferior spark plug, which has a short service life and is prone to problems, resulting in secondary failure of many engines. Therefore, the sheet metal spark plug is the most durable, 80,000 km, no pressure.